Private Staff Recruitment

Are you looking for quality domestic staff?




At MAISON ATELIER we make it a point of honour to apply the right criteria in selecting those who will provide you with maximum comfort.

After referencing candidates whose experience and commitment to quality match the private sector, we check their credentials and then trial them and develop their skills in current professions within our specialist training programmes and themed workshops.

In our agency, we promote our culture of French luxury and our much sought-after heritage. We are proud of all these qualities, of our know-how, our culinary expertise and our art of hosting. We champion our "French Etiquette" qualities when dealing with an international clientèle and it is because France has always been a model in the art of living that we feel "French Etiquette" profiles are unique and we are proud to be their ambassadors.

Entrust your short or long-term staffing requirements to us and it is with great pleasure that we will come up with a recruitment project, tailored to your needs, for you.

What sets us apart is our qualifications and, or course, all our experience in this sector. We listen closely to what our clients wants, then discreetly and efficiently, we do our utmost to fulfil the missions entrusted to us. Our expertise in the various fields of domestic professions is part of who we are and the secret behind our successful recruitment programmes.

You can browse the various job profiles we offer further down this page. Of course this is just a guide; we adapt the profiles according to the list of requirements we draw up with you.

Contrary to what many people think, as an agency we do not take a percentage of the salary of those hired but charge a flat rate, agreed at the outset, and we provide our rates on request.

Hiring staff takes a lot of time, a certain expertise in the field and an ability to judge character. We have all these techniques as well as the necessary experience to provide you with solutions.

For you, we are looking for sincere, passionate, motivated people, whether they are beginners or experienced, all candidates have their chance! The main thing is to find personalities, that the candidates want to please and do their job with all their dedication every day...

Recruitment has changed, experience with us support that does not stop with recruitment!

We believe that the assessment of skills and their personality, the development of their qualities, help with professional transition and integration into your teams are the new missions of recruiters.




We are attentive to your needs!

These days, distance is no barrier to communication and we have all the modern tools you would expect for remote and face-to-face discussions and recruitment at our fingertips. So if you are looking for skilled, "French Etiquette" staff and your jobs are abroad, get in touch!

Let's get to know each other and together we can look at your plans - whether big or small - and share a human experience in which each of your requests will be thoroughly explored.

How do we work? You can send us an initial email detailing your needs and we will get back to you with professional work tools. We will carry out personalised research for you and you are bound to appreciate our detailed work, our presentation of recruitment projects and applications as well as the quality of the profiles on our agency's books.

It is important to note that the profiles referenced with our agency have been selected; that the candidates have undergone skills coaching, that we have assessed their attitude and motivation and the result of all this is a choice of serious and tested profiles which is rather different to a simple pile of CVs!

Our work and our approach are different and we sincerely hope to get to know you!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Estate Manager

Person of trust ideally coming from the luxury real estate sector or with a long property management experience. In charge of administering the assets of a family located in different countries of the world ... The management of construction and renovation projects is also part of his functions, staff recruitment and human resources, organizing travels and administrative duties...

Property / Chalet manager

A key role in managing your property, your human resources, your budgets and purchases, managing external service providers, organizing your stays or for your guests, providing concierge services, ensuring compliance with luxury codes and the comfort of owners .


The soul of the house and a conductor!

The person who will discreetly anticipate the needs of the family, with elegance will ensure the organization of your daily life within the house, welcome your guests, orchestrate your small or large events, manage the service and kitchen team, manage supplies and so many other details because this profession has a very wide range of action, manage cleaning duties and dressing organization.

Head Housekeeper

A home interior professional, an essential person to ensure the comfort of the whole family, the proper maintenance of the various spaces of the house, the management of the household schedule, management of the cleaning teams and the management of the household linen and of your personal laundry. It is because this passionate person will have a great sense of detail and cleanliness, a rigor and natural authority, a perception of the tastes of each member of the family that you will appreciate each of his attentions ...

Maître D.

This talent, passionate about the French art of welcoming, loves to serve, have an excellent culture in gastronomy and oenology, coffee art and tea, will be able to offer you exceptional tables, thematic buffets, comforting breakfast platters, warm tea times for you and your hosts, fun children's snacks, thematic birthdays, even a simple coffee will always be as you like it and served with pleasure ...


Listening to the directives of the Maître d'Hôtel or sometimes autonomous, this job profile is hand-sewn according to needs either on a daily basis or for a one-off event. For a year-round position, a great knowledge of the preparation of cold and hot drinks, cocktails, smoothies is required.


Listening to the directives of the head housekeeper or the majordomo, the domestic employee in a private environment must have real skills and respect for the affairs of the house, worry about using natural products as often as possible, to respect supports, have a great sense of detail, enjoy a job well done, have a sense of hygiene and be very discreet. Very versatile, this position is a great support for general maintenance but also provides assistance to superiors when necessary.

Chef / Head Family Cook

Here is a driving role in the house, the chef has a lot of responsibilities from morning to night...

He exercises his art with a great sense of detail, discreet, he is a force of proposals for each member of the family, he likes to please, he can keep up with the pressure, he has little ego in the private sector and he is not touchy, he has real menu proposals (from appetizer to dessert!) to satisfy the whole family and guests, he has good notions in dietetics, real proposals for vegetarian menus, he likes baking, he is able to produce for small or large events if necessary, he knows how to work with fresh products, balanced recipes and takes into account the particularities of each, the Breakfasts are always adapted and mark a good start to the day, it consists of balanced meals and refined snacks or tea times ... The chef also cooks for the household staff, organizes his supplies or purchases, manages his budget, applies the HACCP method and has an irreproachable hygiene of life, he trains and supervises his team, keeps a cleaning schedule and he knows how to work " clean as you go "!


As part of a private kitchen brigade, a cook in the kitchen helps to prepare all meals and keep work and storage spaces in good order. He knows how to follow the chef's instructions during his absence during the day or on his day off.

Laundress, Dressmaker
Dressing Organizer...

Here is a little-known and so indispensable position ... This versatile position awaits a passionate, organized and meticulous profile. Take care of the household linen and the whole family, keep flawless storage, know how to take care of the linen, ensure the washing and ironing, master the alterations, organize the wardrobes of the different members of the family, maintain the shoes and leather goods ... This person is also essential for the preparation of the requested clothes, the preparation of evening dresses etc ...

Maintenance Manager

An essential position where various skills are required, whether it is maintenance of interiors or technical areas, or the maintenance of a swimming pool, vehicles, equipment, the maintenance agent has good days. full and great versatility.


We expect a nature lover, a vegetable garden enthusiast, rigor and an experienced gardener, loving flowers and knowing perfectly the plants of his region, skillful he maintains the equipment and keeps his workshop organized, he s 'active every day on the exterior to maintain green spaces and terraces.

Couple of Guardians

As a couple, guarding a property consists of monitoring access, that buildings and interiors are in good working order, collecting mail and carrying out control routines. In principle against housing and a salary, it is requested to meet these missions but also, when the house is not occupied with maintaining the interiors and exteriors by respecting a monthly schedule of good annual maintenance tasks. When the family occupies the house an additional mission may be requested to provide services or if the family has its own crew, annual leave may be granted. The job profile is variable so each offer is made according to the demands and needs of the family, the region and the size of the property.

Security agent

Close guard, night watch agent, event security, the needs in the private sector are different. The offers and profiles sought are wide.

Nurse & Nanny

It is an extraordinary and very demanding job to be a nurse or a nanny, but it offers perspectives of sharing, travel, discoveries and a dream working environment. Organized, discreet, like to please, share, pamper, educate, take care, these are the assets that characterize you. You will learn to respect the values ​​of the family for whom you will work, but also, you will be expected to put all your heart and your dedication on a daily basis, create memorable memories, share creative moments, be respected and have people respected, get used to them. children to a healthy diet, and apply their skills. You will know how to adapt and always anticipate their needs, soothe and transmit positive energy. You must come from a specialized school, trained in first aid, excellent presentation, bilingual English at least, you will excel in this very demanding job where a healthy lifestyle is essential.

Sports Coach

Year round, season or à la carte, sports coaches from all disciplines are sought after. Often the family has several specialists for adults and children. Private coaches must be discreet and little or no publicity, irreproachable hygiene of life, force of proposals to get the family out of its daily routine.

Personal Assistant

This is a versatile and exciting role, being a personal assistant to a wealthy person is an extraordinary opportunity to boost your career, make contacts, develop your network, manage business, assist the family in their daily administrative, organizational management, etc. Going through the organization of a work meeting, appointments, writing reports, a business or private trip, managing schedules, making purchases ... This position can be sedentary but most often l he personal assistant follows the family on the move. The position is comparable to an executive assistant in the world of work. This post requires a perfect command of both oral and written English, fluent use of all secretarial tools, excellent organization and presentation, discretion and you will be bound by professional secrecy.

Spa beauty manager H/F

In charge of the spa or the well-being and sports areas, you ensure that the premises are kept clean, and provide the expected details. Professional (the) beauty, you master makeup and hairdressing and other body care that may be requested by the family on a daily basis or exceptionally.

Kids Coach

Year-round, seasonal or occasionally, the profiles sought are diverse to bring new ideas to occupy children of all ages, from a scrapbooking workshop to a theater class, everything is to be learned and shared with children.

Lady's Maid,
Styliste Personnelle

Image consultant, dresser, clothing and beauty stylist. Experienced personal shopper, with a developed "haute couture" address book, the lady's maid also knows how to reference all beauty professionals and adapts interventions according to needs. Working as a lady's maid for wealthy families is a daily challenge ... Identifying trends for the whole family if necessary, presenting projects and trend books, finding exceptional couturiers or jewelers, negotiating, buying, organizing deliveries ... You know for Madam or even the whole family, which is the ideal and essential dressing room and you are moreover in charge of the perfect organization of the dressing rooms of the members of the family, the good keeping of the inventories and you collaborate with the linen maid for the good performance of parts. You are a force for proposals on accessories, shoes, jewelry and you have a perfect knowledge of materials and fabrics as well as how to take care of them. In charge of preparing and unpacking the luggage, managing the dressing rooms according to the seasons, you are also in charge of looking after the Boudoir de Madame and providing all the details of comfort. Being able to perform nail, beauty and hairdressing services yourself on a daily basis for Madame is a plus.