My Story

My Story...

I was born in Paris where I devoted myself to the French art of living until I was in my thirties.

My career begins with a family tale since I inherited from my parents an instinctive feeling for the hotel and restaurant business in which I grew up.

From childhood I began acquiring the gastronomic knowledge and the kindness and sense of service that have been so important and allowed me to find fulfilment in the art of hosting and of organising events and receptions.

The environment I grew up in and the experience I gained educated my tastes and forged my courage and perseverance and my respect for others and for human contact. But above all, I realised how, through fine food, proper service, kindness and a successful event you could generate such emotion.

My parents passed on to me a positive image of hard work and I’m grateful to them for that.

One day I felt the need for freedom, to move on. I needed to find new experiences outside of my comfort zone.

For the next eight years I worked in the luxury hotel and restaurant industry and learned foreign languages.

I added to this experience with a long stay in the French Alps where, in particular, I ran a luxury real-estate structure. The art of selling these properties, of a rare beauty and located in top ski resorts, complete with para-hotel services, was a great education.

I took pleasure especially in organising bespoke breaks for a highly-demanding, international clientèle. I learned about the staging of magnificent rental chalets for very these special guests and developed luxury hospitality services at home.

This was an extraordinary experience, combining two professions - the hotel industry and real estate - at the very highest level. It was a chance to meet professionals, partners, clients and staff; it was a unique experience for me and for the clients who discovered the world of private hotels in a mountain environment.

I added further to my experience with 10 years on the Côte d'Azur where I worked for wealthy property owners. My responsibilities were numerous, such as managing their properties, budgets and projects, organising stays with services and private events, arranging comfortable interiors in which good taste is present in every detail; hiring, training and supervising domestic staff and ensuring the services of a private chef.

Now 50 and with more than 30 years of career under my belt, I have come so far, experienced so many things, discovered various regions in France and, like a chameleon with a thirst for learning, obtained qualifications in the fields that I love so much - hotel and catering, interior design and real estate - to finally bring all my skills and know-how together in one concept: the creation of this quite unique property services and domestic staff agency.

Through these lines I have shared my story with you; let us share experiences and projects together…

Over the years, I have met and worked with highly talented people who are now part of the team at "MAISON ATELIER"…

I look forward to meeting you…