How did we become trainers of domestic staff?

Over the years, I have met and worked with talents who followed me and today constitute the team of "MAISON ATELIER", all of them are experienced in luxury classic and private hospitality services... We are experts in our fields and we are really passionate...

During our professional career, we have recruited, trained and supervised high-end domestic staff, we have retained and supported many professionals in the domestic sector:

"I firmly believe that the field of domestic jobs offers professions to wear with pride. Preserving and perpetuating ways of yesteryear in the art of living today is a matter of precious art and talents whose colors the “French Etiquette” brilliantly bear. This sector offers exceptional experiences and encounters ... Luxury has changed, it refers to a feeling, more authentic and full of meaning. I want to share my convictions and transfer my skills to new talents in this sector that has remained discreet and where there is so much to develop"

With more than 30 years of career in the luxury hotel industry and a successful 14-year career in the luxury domestic employment sector in France and abroad, our references are highly respectable. We speak several languages ​​and are graduates in the fields of Luxury Hospitality Arts, Catering, Cooking and Pastry, Real Estate Professions ... We combine our skills and unique know-how to make it a force, a really different concept ... and I created this agency offering services, training, workshops and recruitment.


My vision is to share a different experience adapted to the life and luxury of today. To be successful we must be highly experienced in the field and in these very specific professions to understand the needs for the family and evaluate the candidates.

"I think that recruitment has changed, experience with us support that does not stop with hiring! We believe that the assessment of skills and their personality, the development of their qualities, help with professional transition and integration into your teams are the new missions of recruiters!"

We hope to have the pleasure of meeting you and sharing with you our skills and recruitment projects ...

NML. Maison Atelier Founder